January 1999
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Sesame Street: Unpaved

by Jessica Brandt

While Christmas shopping this year, I did a really good job not buying myself anything, until the last store, on the last day, with my last bit of cash (don't worry, everything else was on plastic!). I was on the way to the counter at Borders Books, when this glossy hardcover caught my eye. On the cover was a picture of Big Bird's feet, a yellow feather, and a manhole cover on which was imprinted "Sesame Street."

"Gasp!" I said. "I must buy that book!" I said. And I did.

I read about half of it in my car, in the parking lot. With huge color pictures and easy-to-read vignettes about everything and anything, it's one of those "can't put it down" selections. Sesame Street: Unpaved is the ultimae fan-appreciation book for those of us between the ages of 18 and 30 who grew up watching (and because of) the show.

This book gives us the inside scoop on all the Muppets, the Muppeteers, the human cast, the gone-but-not-forgotten characters, the songs, the moments, and the whole wonderful concept of "Sesame Street." Did you know that Bob (McGrath) passed up a chance to be a teen idol singing star in japan to move to The Street? That's the truth! Did you know that it was just a coincidence that Jim Henson named the best friend Muppets Bert and Ernie, and he did not name them after the cabbie and the cop from It's a Wonderful Life? TRUTH! I would give you more of these stunning truths, but I want you, more than anything, to BUY THIS BOOK!

The book will make you laugh out loud, as well as bring back some great memories that will no doubt make you smile. Much like the television show, it's formatted in such a way that adults will enjoy it, as well as kids.

I'd have to say that Sesame Street is my favorite television show of all time (yep, MORE than Kids in the Hall, MORE than Conan), because it is consistently funny and educational (just the other day I used some knowledge gained from Sesame Street to get a pie in Trivial Pursuit) and the work of the Muppeteers and Jim Henson's Creature Shop always amazes me.

In the past there has been Sesame Street books, Jim Henson books, and various other Muppet oddities, but never a book so completely full of information that you are never again left to wonder "So does the same guy who does the voice of Grover do the voice of Cookie?" The answer is....


(If you buy this book now from Amazon.com right now, you save over $5 off the price of what Jessica paid at Borders)

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