January 1998
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The Unfortunate Truth

They hope for
Bright suns and Beautiful flowers
Whispering butterflies
flowing streams

But They get
Wild storms and Blazing fires
Thundering crashes
Rushing floods

By Felicity Smith

To See The Stars

Gazing from a mountaintop
Into the velvet sky
Thousands of glittering diamonds
Do I see.

Confined to this mountaintop
Like an animal in a cage
I only look on
In amazement.

It is then that I realize
How blind the world is
To live
But not comprehend.

It, too, is confined to a mountaintop
Unable to take notice
Of its own
True beauty.

Every river, lake, and stream
Each animal and insect

In order to see the stars
You must open your eyes
To the world.

All about your war and your violence
And take hold of the beauty
Of earth.

By Felicity Smith

Glass Egg

I dust the mantle
Maybe once a year
On a whim, just to be nice.
But this time,
I knocked the glass egg
To the floor, on accident.
As it fell, I could've thought
"Catch it" but instead
"Move out of the way."
And instead of dying,
Great Grandad could've
Come home from the war
And made a dozen more eggs,
Instead of just this one.
Or instead of glass blowing
He could've taken up woodworking
And made Great Grandma
A nice, solid birdhouse
Instead of a glass egg
Which was inherited by me
And broken, by me
Into a million pieces,
So that every time someone
Finds a piece with their bare foot
They'll think of me
And how I broke 
Great Grandma's glass egg;
Not about how I was dusting
Just to be nice.
By Jessica Brandt

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