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New Lincoln-Kennedy Similarities Uncovered!

by Jason Morrison

Everyone's heard of the eerie similarities between presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. Some are obvious and trivial like both having seven letters in their last names and being over 6 feet tall. Some are downright creepy like Lincoln getting shot at Ford's Theatre while Kennedy was shot in a Ford product, a Lincoln limousine. But the master list, with nearly 104 listings, leaves these key parallels out:

  • Everyone knows Kennedy pledged to put a man on the moon before the end of the 1960s. Few people realize, however, that Lincoln pledged to put a man on the moon before the end of the 1860's, except with a steam-powered space ship he designed himself.
  • Lincoln's father was a pioneer who built his own log cabin; Kennedy's father was a racketeer who built his own financial empire.
  • Lincoln was famous for his trademark beard and Kennedy was known to have the ability to grow a beard.
  • John and Abraham are both names from the Bible, even though the two were born 100 years apart!
  • Lincoln was a wrestler in school and Kennedy was a wrestler in the WWF.
  • Both were elected president by a majority of the voters-in the same country!
  • Some people were concerned about electing Kennedy because they feared he would be pressured by the Pope. Some people were concerned about electing Lincoln because they feared his spine would be pressured by the weight of his massive body.
  • Lincoln was elected in 1860 and Kennedy in 1960-both years with four digits.
  • Kennedy was once apprehended in the Lincoln memorial, trying to steal all the gold buried in Lincoln's head.
  • Kennedy once said Lincoln was "an inspiration." Lincoln once said Kennedy was "the nicest future-man I've ever met."
  • Kennedy slept in the Lincoln bedroom, and Lincoln slept in the Lincoln bedroom.
  • Lincoln fought the confederates and Kennedy fought the communists, both start with a 'C' and have the same number of letters.

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