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The Quest for Zen

Quest for Zen Home

Week 1 -- January 22nd - 29th


Had Yoga sessions on Tuesday and Thursday morning. Just two other guys and about fifty young, nubile, supple, women bending and stretching in unison. That's a transcendental influence in its own right. You ever wondered how they came up with all those impossible positions in the Kama Sutra? Now you know.

Unfortunately, I had to buy a yoga mat and what's worse was being annoyed at having to pay 20$ for the sheet of foam rubber - material attachment!

On Tuesday Jason challenged me at lunch to display my new prowess, and since I couldn't remember anything I just stuck my ankles back behind my ears. Everyone looked at my crotch then, so I immediately barked, "why are you all looking at my crotch?" That clinched that battle handily.

On Thursday he challenged me at lunch again, so I did an exercise that I don't know the name of save that you start lying on your back with your knees up, and stretch up in an arch with your crotch pointing to the ceiling.

"Why are you looking at my crotch?"


Saturday I got an email from my Dad, a man who usually meditates for at least 6 hours a day ("it's so much more restful than sleeping"). He was going over some of the career choices I was making and commented that though I am low, I seem to know what Right Living is.


While Navin was thinking impure thoughts and looking at his own crotch, I was ingesting some of nature's greatest herbal purities:

Monday: Sobe Power (proline, taurine, creatine), V8 Splash (kiwi, strawberry);

Wednesday: Sobe Wisdom (gingko, St. John's wort, gotu kola)

Thursday: Snapple Lightning (schizandra, ginseng, yerba mate)

Friday: Snapple Moon (green tea, gingko biloba, kava kava)

Saturday: Snapple Lightning and Fire (ginseng, guarana, gingko biloba, dragonfruit).

On Thursday I also attended my Existentialism class and brought up the point that in Sartre's The Wall, the three characters were good examples of the analytic and argumentative values of tradition and the descriptive value of existentialism, respectively. Tom tries to figure out his situation and fails; the young man tries to argue that he's not the one they want and fails; but Pablo, with awareness of time, memory and imagination, succeeds. The prof had never thought of that before.


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