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The Quest for Zen

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Week 2 -- January 30th - February 5th


Election Scandal!

It would have been just a routine week of picking up yoga and Christian Ethics points but for the voting booth on this website. As soon as it was up I voted for myself - and then I checked to see if the counter mechanism was working and would prevent me from voting again - it didn't. So I went and told Jason, who instead of lauding my honesty condemned me for conducting the test. He refused to accept my honesty about the voting as karmic counterweight, on the grounds that this was just confession and I wasn't going to get out the easy Catholic. Then I went and voted for Jason, but he condemned this as an act of penance which he rejected on the same grounds.

However, as far as I am concerned, the conflict has been displaced. Now it is for Brendan/Jesus to decide: do confession and penance have any meaning? Will Brendan/Jesus reject the Catholic Church? Are Catholics barred further spiritual evolution? Does that mean we can make them our slaves? I've forced Brendan to take a stand on the issue.


This week I drank Snapple Moon (green tea, gingko biloba, kava kava), Sun (rosemary, beta carotene, echinacea), Earth (ginseng, bee pollen, grapeseed), Lightning (schizandra, ginseng, yerba mate), Hansen's anti-ox (selenium, grapeseed, echinacea), and V8 Splash (kiwi, beta carrotene).

In addition to all the ginseng consumed this week, it's high time I began to speak of where I edge out Navin in righteousness. Creative work. Religions value the artist as instrument through which the beauty of god's creation is reflected. Existentially one of the ways to live authentically is through imagination and art. Some day, I'm going to write a short story that ends with the main character making a painting.

This week, in a very dramatic rush of creativity, I did this whole redesign business on The Shrub. So maybe it's not an oil painting or a novel, but staying up all night with Photoshop and Notepad is just like fasting or walking through the desert for 40 years, only with transhumanist undertones.

In more recent news, Navin voted for himself twice in the poll this week. Baaaaaad karma. Very bad.

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