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The Quest for Zen

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Week 3 -- February 6th - February 12th


Only went for one of my two yoga sessions so I am only at half strength. I have found, however, that I can now stick my ankles another two inches lower behind my head - herein is a new yardstick of my progress. I took an exam in Christian Ethics which I am told that I passed, and I fused the mystic path of the Yogi with the evangelical tradition by urging my yoga instructor to go ahead with her idea of starting a night class at the college combining yoga and meditation. If she goes ahead and does it, can I claim proxy enlightenment points from all those people who take the class? You know, the same way how internet referrals work.

The deeper question here, then, is whether enlightenment is something one can invest in, speculate against, expect returns from. You could never use money but the whole point would be to be paid in stock. I feel a short story coming on...

At the college's Mock Convention, in celebration of my increasing physical self confidence through Ascendance to Higher Form, just when things were getting REALLY boring with Nikki Rice as chair, I stripped and ran up one aisle, across the stage, and down the other before security finally got me. The whole room was cheering me on and as ran I collected high-fives like a Caesar collecting aves. They thought they were commending my pluck but they were actually celebrating their sudden and delightful exposure to my natural aura.


I may not be taking Christian Ethics, but I followed the good ole' New Testament this week-by turning the other cheek.

I ran my college's radio station last year and when my term ended, no one applied to replace me. The newspaper ran a story about it in which I was quoted, but one of my profs (the department chair) thought I was implying that he didn't know how to do his job, or wasn't aware of all his duties, or something of the like.

Then came the letter to the editor. It was, well, harsh. Pretty harsh considering how hard I worked on the station last year, putting it on the net, etc. And I was mad. I'm almost never mad, but this got to me.

So I had a crisis-what to do? I could reply to the letter, make my case, defend my name. I could even go on the offensive, and I probably could have put some fire and brimstone into it to boot.

But I didn't. I let it go. Because in the end, what's the point of a pissing match? It's like digging through a pile of manure looking for the pony that put it there.

Oh, and I drank some Rain (ginseng, astragalus and agave), Wisdom (gingko, gotu kola), Energy (guarana, yohimbe and arginine), Meteor (gotu kola, ginseng), and two bottles of Lightning (schizandra, ginseng and yerba mate).

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