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The Quest for Zen

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Week 4 -- February 13th - February 19th


Twas a weak week for Mr. Solar salute. Getting caught up in the material world of back to back exams and assignments I ended up missing another Yoga session - the bodhisattva is looking back at me through the Cosmic All and It is not pleased.

One fair point of success to report is that I was introduced to one-two breathing on Tuesday which culminated in a 45-second long breathe (yeah baby!). Further, I made some further progress towards enlightement along the path of Transhumanism: the drive for human excellence and transcendance through technological augmentation. What did I do exactly? I joined bought some SF on Ebay and joined the Science Fiction Book Club (


Where to begin, where to beginů actually, I didn't do much this week. Friday was my birthday, and I think I have a cold or something, so I've been taking it easy. In fact, I slept nearly all of Friday away.

But how have I advanced toward a state of nirvana? For one thing, Nirvana Day was last week so I listened to Nevermind once and In Utero twice. Classic. I also went with an astrophysics theme in my herbal consumption this week, drinking two Suns (rosemary, beta carotene, echinacea), two Moons (green tea, gingko biloba, kava kava), a Meteor (gotu kola, ginseng), and a Lightning (schizandra, ginseng and yerba mate).

Oh, and I really deserve points for this one-the House of Spirituality was showing The Prince of Egypt as part of their religious film series and it was packed by very Christian Christians. You know the type. The reeeeeaally Christian ones.

At the end of the movie it was time for discussion. I managed to bring up a few points controversial enough to spark some discussion, but not so controversial as to make the Christainy Christians bolt. And I refrained from pulling a Socrates on anyone's tendency to just refer to another part of the Bible if one part of it seems cruddy.

And where was Navin during all this? Probably rolling around in the godless science fiction novels he bought with capitalist American money. Buying things isn't spiritual at all, unless it's used books or used CDs.

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