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The Quest for Zen

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Week 5 -- February 20th - February 26th


And he looked back upon the week and smiled, for it was good.

Didn't miss any of my yoga classes this week. We moved into more advanced postures and now we're holding them longer too - I'm STILL aching from Thursday's session. The Posture of the Week was the Tree: you stand on one leg, the other bent and parallel with your waist, the foot just beneath your groin, your hands together in prayer position. You have to concentrate on a point in front of you and if you stop, you fall over. Now THAT'S meditation!

I checked the schedule for mid-semester classes today and sure enough, my instructor has opened up the night yoga and meditation class! Just think of all the enlightment-by-proxy points I'm going to get now. Jason wants to take it: if it he does, it will be with the understanding that for all Karma point he earns from it, he'll be making me some.

It's like I'm TAXING him...

In the same vein, I earned him a bunch of points when we went shopping for used SF at a 2nd hand book store down town that's goiing out of business. Got me a nice two-foot high pile of hard core goodies.

Saturday evening Jason and I were both doing Yoga for a while with an Indian friend who had come down from Philadelphia for the weekend, and since she was lightyears ahead of me I ended up trying to do things I'm not supposed to be ready for - and I managed them! I am also gleeful to announce that now Jason is officially less flexible than I am, by his OWN admission (I never thought I'd supersede an ex-Tai Kwon Do practioner - these are strange times we live in).


I began the week by siphoning off some enlightenment points from Navin. First I started reading "Sri Lanka: State of Human Rights 1998," which he let me borrow, and then I led him to a used bookstore where he proceeded to buy two bags full of books. I would be perfectly happy to let him get all the insights he can out of those books gratis, but he keeps insisting that if I take Yoga the second half of the semester he gets points for it too. As things stand, I suppose I'll have to take a 15% finder's fee for each new step toward enlightenment in every book he bought there.

I also purchased books, and while Navin raided the sci-fi section I set my sights on philosophy. I got two Kierkegaard's and a Camus as well as an Existentialism textbook from 1957, in addition to others. I also refrained from buying a Mill book on Utilitarianism-I should get points toward enlightenment from that.

Oh, and I bought and read "The Gospel According to Peanuts." It was pretty interesting, arguing that the church has tended to turn up the volume when it's message was not getting across, rather than engaging the people through art and humor. The author then went on to show how you could interpret Peanuts cartoons with messages from the scripture. The real revelation, though, was how good the old Peanuts strips are. In my lifetime, Peanuts has always been kind of tired. Back in the day, Linus and Charlie Brown and the gang were filled with Existential Despair. Almost like Calvin and Hobbes. Almost.

I also drank 2 Moons (green tea, gingko biloba, kava kava), Energy (guarana, yohimbe and arginine), Meteor (gotu kola, ginseng), and Power (proline, taurine, creatine).

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