J is a member of the clean-plate club. Further footage was deemed too explicit for our audience.

Even as the struggle continued, Val attempted to find love. In the first photo she plays out some kind of mother-may-I adult baby food fetish with J. the second photo is enhanced night vision of J trapped in her clutches.

Sometimes we can really see the age difference.

After the Film Society crew announced "Until the End of the World" would be missing several reels, we decided to escape for a while and get some yummu Subway sandwiches. Todd thought throwing snowballs would make him popular.

Look at that hairy lip!

Todd and J's reactions to the "sandwich artist."

Ryan: "At first I thought it was a girl with an ugly mustach, but when I got closer I thought it was a guy with a terrible haircut. Then when he spoke, I didn't know."

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