February 1999
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Livin' It Up - Jet Set Six (Mutiny Records)

A review by Courtney Knopf

So thereís this trend out there and theyíre calling it a swing revival. But itís so much more than that. Sure, there have been radio hits from Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Brian Setzer and the Cherry Poppiní Daddies, but that is merely the tip of the iceberg, people. Beneath the mainstream of Top 40 radio is a slew of incredible and original bands making names for themselves. Jet Set Six is one of those bands. As the name would suggest, theyíre a six piece combo and hail from New York City. With a combination of Vegas showmanship, tight instrumentation and incredible joie de vivre, their debut album Liviní It Up is a non-stop party, and weíve all been invited.

Livin' It Up Of the 11 tracks on the disc, all but two are originals, and they all make you want to get up and dance. The most unique thing about this band is that they incorporate some incredible vocal harmonies that are overlooked in a lot of modern swing bands, and they help to make the sound all the more full. If lead singer and songwriter Joe Ceparano ever tires of the swing thing, he can rest assured heíll have a long career in front of him writing pop songs. And while it comes cleverly packaged as swing, this is really a pop album. Itís laden with catchy hooks and songs that stick in your head that you wish were being played on the radio.

The most infectious track on the CD has to be "The Dame That Knotted My Rope," an ode to falling for an eccentric woman and loving every second of it. "Every Single Day" is easily the most upbeat post-breakup lament Iíve ever heard, and the incredibly tight horn section (trumpet, trombone and tenor saxophone) gives it some serious oomph. "Hotline" is an insanely catchy novelty tune thatís half "Pennsylvania 6-5000" and half "867-5309 (Jenny)" that youíll be humming to yourself for the next three days. The album closes with the very clever "Ever Loviní Reprise," and you canít help but smile at the word play used in the lyrics.

It seems to me that the Jet Set Six have more going for them than a lot of the modern swing bands, and thatís an incredibly talented songwriter. The fact that this album is comprised of mostly original songs speaks volumes for whatís ahead of them. Namely, success. There is an obvious enthusiasm for what they do. Their love for the music is evident in the songs, and you can damn near hear John Ceparano smiling into the microphone as he sings. These guys are having fun being in a great band, and that vibrance is translated into the music they make.

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