October 1998
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Oh Valerie,
You make me want to love you.
You come to my room
and pee seven times a day.

I'm glad my camera has a remote control.

By Jason Morrison

Ode to a Green Skirt and a Packet of Marlboros

Ash lays languid in candles sweet as sin.
Scattered disease ridden filth, so defining.
Angels wings weigh heavy upon hope.
So close that distant eyes refuse to grow weary.

"Never had my tormentor come in such a cunning disguise"
So true, so false saint Nick...you black-hearted bastard.

Castrate will, sober fantasies.
Crush this chalice of tears.
Burn emerald visions from still smouldering eyes.
Cast scarlet black asphyxiation to sinful souls.
And with glee they shall suckle the sweet poison.
By Matthew Chamberlain


Tell me - have the heavens lost their lustre?
Do stars no longer enchant,
Silver moon no longer lovers make?
For I have not looked up,
But I have seen the beauty still
in the face of beloved Ann.

I especially love the way she knows I was joking about Val. 

By Jason Morrison

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Note: The Shrubbery now only prints 5 pieces of poetry per month, so don't feel bad if your stuff doesn't make it. Keep sending!!!

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