March 1999
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WebCam: Jason's Room

by Jason Morrison

Back in the day, a webcam was a real treat. Programmed by alterna-nerds in schools like MIT, they provided a real-time view of something actually quite boring--their bedroom, a lab, the main campus walk, etc.

But millions of people flocked to them. they became a global phenomenon; nowadays, there are few nerdy dorm rooms without a web cam installed. So, in the interest of proving Once and for all exactly how geeky I am, I hereby provide you:

The Shrubbery WebCam -- Jason, Todd and Dan's Room.

Now you can watch the Shrub staff at work--marvel as Jason, Todd and Dan live their lives and the rest of the crew come to offer creative info! Or creative process will boggle your minds! You might not get bored with it immediately!

The room shown is Welch Hall, Room 007 at Ohio Wesleyan University. Now track us down and kill us. Hi mom!

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