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Make Jason Morrison Spider Man now--before it's too late!

by Jason Morrison

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After years of false starts, legal battles and just strange coincidences, Marvel has finally committed to a Spider-Man movie. Singed on to direct is Sam Raimi, well-known for his Evil Dead movies.James Cameron has done one script treatment and David Koepp of Jurrassic Park fame is working on it as well.

There's one major question, though, yet to be answered. Who will play Spider Man? Who will be the nerdish Peter Parker, science student and freelance photographer for the Daily Bugle? Many names have been suggested-- Nicholas Brendon, Freddie Prinze Jr., Jim Carrey, Casper Van Dien, even Leonardo DiCaprio. But there is one man who can play Spider Man and Parker like no other-that man is Jason Morrison.

Who is Jason Morrison? Not an actor, though he has undeniable potential. Not famous. But as the many people who have already signed the petition know, he's the right man for the job.

I hereby announce my candidacy for the roll of Peter Parker/Spider Man, and now I'll tell you why.

First off, I've grown up with Spider Man and internalized much of his ethical stance into my own. His painful realization that with great power comes great responsibility was with me even as a child. The first thing I read on my own was a Spider-Man comic book.

Second, let's look at the eerie parallels between myself and Peter Parker:

  • Parker is a nerd, I am a nerd.
  • Parker likes science, but is not pursuing it as a profession. I enjoy Discover magazine but am not majoring in a science.
  • Parker has glasses, though he hasn't really needed them since he became Spider Man. I have glasses, but they've recently become too strong for me.
  • We have the same first initial - P!
  • Parker is a photojournalist, I am a journalism major.
  • Parker is short (as superheroes go), I am short.

Third, the eerie parallels between me and Spider Man:

  • Spidey is agile and flexible, I am agile and flexible.
  • Spidey dresses for action, I seldom wear anything that would impede action.
  • Spidey has spider-style fighting skills, I took Tae Kwon Do classes for years.
  • Spidey fashioned web-shooters to aid in his quest, I fashioned my own Spider Man T-shirt.
  • Spidey has fought robots, I stomped on a Capsella robot once.
  • Spidey has spider sense, I have spider sense.

It's obvious who the real Spider Man is - me! If you find these amazing parallels as spectacular as I do, please help me out in my petition to get cast.

How you can help

Sign the Petition! This message board will act as an electronic voting booth for the digital ageof new media cyber-people. Whatever, just post a message here saying whether you want me to be Spidey or not.

Go to and spread the word!

Send Marvel and email about this page.

Contact Sony Pictures Entertainment and bug them just like you did Marvel.

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