April 1998
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Vortex Into Insanity 1

i walk in the schoolyard.
the Sweater is tied tightly around my waist.
soiled from lacrosse, i'm sure.
i lift a sleeve
(ever so nonchalantly
so that no one 
will find out my secret) 
to take a whiff 
of the ape-scent gloriola
embedded in the wool.
my Soul is screaming, 
but i have no mouth.
the Beginning of my death
is coming soon.
does He reciprocate 
these intense feelings?
it's like 
waiting, waiting, waiting
for the Raindrops of summer.
Vortex Into Insanity.

By Ann Newman and Patrick Kirkbride

Vortex Into Insanity 2

Sigmund Freud's psychodynamic theory torturing my mind
positive attribution I can't seem to find
studying psychology is a boring task
psychology spewing out of my fat ass
I can't eat without thinking of the anal stage
I can't dream without thinking of the latency stage
Green colorless ideas sleep furiously.

By Ann Newman and Patrick Kirkbride

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