April 1998
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Music review: Antediluvian Rocking Horse - Music for the Odd Occasion

By Todd McCafferty

I think the name of this band is a misnomer. This music wasn't made before the Flood. Neither was it made after. It sounds like it was made right in the middle of a raging flood, a churning maelstrom of sound, samples, squelches, noises, drums, beats, "Baby Ruth?s", and burps.

Take for example the "big song" of the album, "Rigorous Doughnut." This 7 minute long masterpiece starts off discordant, lots of hard sounds competing for prominence. The sound of sound running away becomes predominate, that hiss of something being played backwards while it is rapidly pulled away from your aural cavities. That only lasts for the first minute, before the bassline comes in. Interestingly, the bassline is a string of heavy burps! So there we are with these bizarre sounds being meshed together collage fashion and a load of burps come to the front. I am sure you get the picture now, just positive about it. Only all of a sudden it is a bunch of people speaking backwards like the dwarf on Twin Peaks and the beat is being run backwards as well. Real slow and smooth, tricking you into relaxing, when out of nowhere it goes gabber all of a sudden. And I don't even know what happens after that. Something. The whole album is something. Every track hooks you with the beat and the melodies, but makes you really pay attention with the complicated use of samples.

This is recycled music, sound collage, sample driven but so uncompromising, original, and detailed. You know they are future forward being on Seeland (homebase of the four (or five) floptops known as Negativland), but this truly is something that is groundbreaking. It is definitely on the experimental tip, but this isn't hard listening. The Australian duo of Susan and Paul were joined in the studio by Ollie Olson who programming abilities gave this the techno quality that makes it listenable on a purely primal level. This is cut-up, samplesonic, DJ-dada, for the boy next door and remember kids: They don't clear their samples and neither should you.

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