April 1999
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It's Our Birthday!

This issue marks The Shrub's one year anniversary, and we couldn't be more excited! We know what sounds clichèd, but it's true.

Since it's OUR birthday, we (Jason and Jessica) get to write this nifty letter from the editors and take as much space as we want, because we pay the bills.

First off, there's a few people we'd like to thank for all of our success (??). Thanks to Ryan, Todd, and Dan for all the help with formatting, editing, writing and ideas. Now you can put The Shrub on your resumès.

Also thanks to our columnists Summy, John, and Gordon who have gotten things in on time (mostly) and have been consistently funny. We really can't do this without you. Also, thanks to the Robot From the Future for coming to the past to answer our questions.

Thanks to our regular contributors- Navin, Justin, Courtney, Ginger, FactBoy, Adam (wherever you are) and Erik. Plus, Mark and Larry, who were there at the beginning with us. But have slipped off into slackerville. Especially Larry.

Last but not least, thanks to the readers and supporters of The Shrub who pass our name around (Tracy) and link to our page. You're the reason we keep doing this.

Okay, enough of the sappy crappy part. Want some dirt? Well, we've got dirt. Here's some behind-the-scenes facts about The Shrubbery:

Jason and Jessica have known each other since they were three. Jason remembers being in pre-school with Jessica, but Jessica doesn't remember meeting him until third grade. They did not go to school together again until sixth grade.

The Shrub began as an idea for a print zine, headed up by everyone who hung out at a place called Crossroads when we were all about 15. There was never more than one copy of Issue #1, which is now lost.

The original editors of the print Shrub were Jessica and a guy named Tony Meda, who no one talks to anymore.

In 12th grade, Jason was the editor of the school paper. Jessica was not on the staff, but she wrote an anonymous letter to the editor about how much the grammar and spelling in the paper sucked. No one knew it was her until over a year later. As a result, she is now in charge of The Shrub's grammar and spelling.

Jason made the decision to do the first issue of the electronic Shrub. Before he even mentioned it, Jessica knew that The Shrubbery would be born again.

The Shrubbery costs $17.95 a month to keep up. Jason and Jessica split the cost. Jason actually pays an extra 5 cents per issue. it's all on Jessica's credit card.

In the 12 months The Shrub has been in production, Jason and Jessica haven't seen each other in person more than three times.

For some reason, Gordon Dymowski's columns are always sent on time but are usually somehow lost by Jessica. This has happened more than 4 times.

Neither Jason nor Jessica have ever met Gordon, Summy, John, Adam, Courtney or Justin (who goes to the same school as Jessica). Jessica has never met Dan.

Production of The Shrubbery goes like this:
around the 20th of the month, Jessica sends a letter to the Shrub list of writers asking for submissions.
Submissions trickle in slowly and sit in the mailbox.
The weekend before the first of the month, Jessica edits everything she has for spelling and grammar, and adds basic HTML, then sends it to Jason.
Jason adds keywords and formats every page.
Two days before the end of the month, Jessica calls FactBoy and reminds him to get a column in. She also IM's Courtney to send reviews and sends nasty email to Summy.
Jason and Jessica decide how many days after the first of the month the issue will REALLY come out.
Jason and Jessica make lists of submissions, what's done, what's missing, and what is coming. They then make more nasty emails.
Jason puts up the new index as soon as he can and archives the old issue.
Jessica scans for mistakes and fixes them, usually while Jason is in bed.
Jason sends mail to our subscribers announcing the new issue.
Lather, rinse, repeat.

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