April 1999
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Descriptions of Water "trips."

>From Stephanie Della at alt.drugs.water.trips:

1.) I did Water for the first time at party I went to three days ago. Some of the guys there whipped out a couple 500ml plastic containers full of it. I was a little scared because I had heard some stories about it. One guy told me his friend did so much that he started dribbling it all over the front of his clothes, getting them wet. The guy who owned the house (it was his stuff) said he scored it from a dude in Canada. I don't know if it was real Canadian Water, but I could tell by the color that is was good stuff. When the glass was passed around to me, I cautiously took a tiny sip and the first thing I noticed was wetness in my mouth followed by something wet going down my throat. I immediately took a bigger sip and the same sensation was produced. After a few circles of the Water I noticed something else that I can only describe as a lack of thirst. The lack of thirst lasted for hours.

>From James Grenhard by email:

2.) Here in Florida, Water has become a real problem. The intense heat has prodded many to increase Water consumption in astounding amounts. I know some people who are taking 5 showers a day! Street prices have been increasing too. I just saw some Naya Water go for 5 dollars a bottle.

>From anonymous:

3.) Water is becoming an equally opportunity employer. Poor and rich alike are indulging more and more. I do know that some of the movie stars in California have been filling swimming pools full of the stuff, then inviting friends over for "pool parties." What concerns me even more is the discrimination in sentencing violations. External aspiration of Water, like showers and swimming, leads only to a slap on the wrist, while actual drinking can lead up to 3-5 years in jail. It isn't a coincidence that it is usually the rich who swim and shower, while the poor and minorities are more likely to drink. If we aren't just going to legalize it, then the government should do something about the blatantly discriminatory sentencing policies.

Computer Simulation of the effects of water addiction

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