April 1999
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The Great Shrub Ultimate Fan Crossword Puzzle

This Month's Topic: Kids in the Hall

So, you think you're the world's greatest Kids in the Hall fan?

Finish our crossword puzzle and proove it!

Rules: Simply complete (correctly) the crossword puzzle on the next page by (a) Printing it out and doing it by hand or (b) Writing the answers on your screen with a Sharpie. Email your answers (across and down) to this month's crossword master, Jessica who will randomly choose a winner from all the correct entries. If Jessica is feeling generous, and there is a big response, maybe there will be multiple winners.

Prizes: You will have a choice of one of these Four Fabulous Prizes.

1) Audio cassette dub of Bruce's Shame Based Man album.
2) Copy of a copy of the "rough cut" of Brain Candy (w/extra footage).
3) Low-quality copy of Scott's low-quality stand-up tapes (Pre-KITH).
4) One 6-hour tape of random KITH episodes or various TV appearences.

If you would like a copy of this crossword puzzle for your website, please email us and we will send you the HTML.

Special note: if you find that one of the answers is totally wrong, tough luck. All answers and spelling are subject to the Crossword Master. There is one non-KITH reference, and one tiny mistake. Live with it.

On to the Crossword Challenge!

The Great Shrub Ultimate Fan Crossword Puzzle will be a new monthly feature. If you have any topics or if you would like to submit a crossword puzzle, email us and let us know!

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