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Are you angrier than Angry Dan?

The "Angrier Than Thou" contest

Win free CD's by being a jerk

by Dan Strohl

In response to Atomic Dan's letter to me, chiding me for not being angry enough and claiming to be the original Angry Dan, The Shrubbery wants to see just how many punks out there think they're angrier than me.

So we're gonna hold a contest.

If you think you can be more pessimistic, "pseudo-intellectual" or intelligently inflammatory than me, you'll get some sort of prize (actually, two CD's from CDNow--you pick one and Dan will pick the other for you) and we might even think about putting your column in the Shrub. Not like we've got people beating down our doors to do that anyway.

So this is your chance, Atomic Dan and all other hot-mouthed critics, to show us what you've got. And this isn't gonna be a bash-on-Angry-Dan contest. The column should be on a serious topic; pretty much any topic will do. If you think you're up to the challenge, send in your pieces (and the name of the CD you want) to before June 15. The judges will be you, the public, and the fine editors of The Shrubbery. If you're not up to the challenge, sit in front of your computers and whine. We'll make fun of you.

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