May 1998
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May, 1998

Inside this issue

Feature Our special tribute to Mother's Day
How to Scat!
I am a Sick Perverted Bastard
The Unwritten Rules Everyone Needs to Know in Order to Survive Waterford High School
Columns The Robot From the Future
Angry Dan's Column
Klank Klank You're Dead (Todd McCafferty)
I Don't Shut Up (Ryan Glowczewski)
Music Reviews Pulp: This is Hardcore
Bran Van 3000: Glee
Jimmy Page and Robert Plant: Zeppelin No More
Poetry Despite the Odds
ode to a veal parmesan
Beautiful poems by people who just got dumped
Whatnot An all-new, all different Top Ten Sexual Innuendos in Star Wars
A Cartoon by Todd McCafferty
A Herring! - This month's web award
Movies Nightwatch
Literary Section Improvisation, by Alden Thomas
Obsession, by Julie Wernau
Two pages of Jason's Philosophy 110 notes

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