May 1998
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Despite the Odds

Despite our many troubles,
Despite our many quirks,
We still have enough faith in each other,
To love for what it's worth.

The acceptance of each other,
The faith that we all hold,
To love and cherish each other,
Is the guidance to our control.

I would never give up,
The friendship that we have, 
The memories of each other,
We've shared the good times with the bad.

Our hearts are always open,
To take in each others thoughts,
Has helped us come to a resolution,
For the many times we've fought.

It's not every day that you find,
The friendship that we have,
And that is why I'm truly happy,
That our love has always survived.

The pieces of our hearts,
Are woven together,
With the tapestry of love,
Found in the comfort of our shelters.

Please never forget, 
Just what all you mean to me,
The pleasent thoughts we share,
Makes me want to believe.

That the love we hold is precious,
It's not clouded by selfish needs,
We've grown closer together,
Similar to the roots of the trees.

By Jeanie Collitte

ode to a veal parmesan

oh, how tender is your meaty filling
i love your sauce so red
and it is the most devine
to see you bathed in bread

you cause me so to salivate
i cannot help but water
when i see your tiny cutlet 
sitting on a platter

i have such longings for you
you fill my every thought
and i would be in heaven 
if you slid down my throat

but i sit here longing
for a tiny tastey bite
because i cannot get to you 
at least i can't tonight

i have no car to travel
there is no order out
i have no way to get to you
and for this i am to pout

i know that you are out there
so very warm and good
and yet i cannot eat you
like i wish i could

By Tracy Nolte

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