May 1999
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A Room With A View

by Jason Morrison

One night as I walked Ann, my best girl, back to her room after a long day, we happened to pass a terribly pathetic "Tacky Tourist Party" put on by student activities. This was perhaps the lamest party ever created; a total of five people were there. But there was one up side--a contest, a raffle specifically, the winner of which would be whisked off for two days to beautiful downtown Columbus, a minor fortification in the paper empire that is our nations economy, and the state capital no less!

This is actually a picture of checking out. Needless to say, Ann won the contest, and we were off! The limo turned out to be a van, but that was alright. Half way there, Ann remembered--it was our six-month anniversary. We happily attempted to check in, but as you see here, the clerks were less than ready for myself and me bonne lass. The school had only reserved and not yet paid for our room. I had to put it temporarily on my credit card in order to get in.

Then they chased us. The first thig we did was run around the hotel like little kids. Had Todd been there, it would have been Urban Exploration. Since we were alone, it was instead giddy fun. Here we see a room full of crazy old ladies, their fancy sequened dresses complemented by numbers on their backs. You never know what old people will do when left alone in a hotel!

Ann is not really a ghost.  She is instead a girl. We then went back to our room to jump on the bed and gawk at the view. Normally I would caution anyone against jumping on a bed. But we were still to giddy.

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