May 1999
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A Room With A View


The little kids behind us in line were punks. Our first event: COSI. I recommend that any visitor to Columbus go to COSI. You can play with all sorts of toys and think it's like learning. Here Ann finally fulfills her childhood dream to ride the sky bike, suspended on a narrow beam by only a hanging weight. She was nervous, but pulled through, 'cause she's got moxy.

I am not really this ugly. Still in COSI, here I relive a childhood memory by placing my hand on the giant Van de Graff generator of science. The place has not changed since I came here in 4th grade. They even still have the old Commodore 64's everywhere, making the future of learning look a bit like a garage sale gone awry. The kid running this demonstration was about 12 years old. Apparently, under age kids "volunteer" to work here, and since they're not paid, no labor laws apply!

Step closer, toots! COSI was fun, but what now? A fancy dinner, some jacuzzi fun, and free breakfasts were to await us. Ann can eat like five times what I can, yet she weighs considerably less than I. She's going to be mad at me for mentioning the eating part, but it was impressive at the time.

But wait, there's more!

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