May 1999
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Wear the pants of a strong economy! Oh yeah, you're probably not really interested in how much fun we had, huh? You were probably duped into thinking this would help you decide what to do in Columbus, or even whether or not to come at all. So yeah, I guess you might want to, because it's very clean, if a bit soulless, and we found these big pants just hanging here. If you are this huge, you should come to Columbus, because we left the pants there.

I kept my promise, don't keep your discus. Oh, now you wish to know what cultural options there are in fair Columbus? Luckily, we were also furnished with tickets to Evita at the famous Ohio Theater. I have to say the place is beautiful--I wouldn't mind going there to look at the building let alone see a show. But Evita was fun, and we were the only people under 30 in the building.

Just one more picture, c'mon! At this point we said goodbye to the city and Ann yelled at me for taking too many pictures of her. The building you see behind her is some hotel or mall or something, and that seems pretty much to be what all the buildings here are. Columbus is a very new city, and bears little resemblence to its rust belt cousin Cleveland. To tell you the truth, it's not all bad--there's a lot of Republicans, but they're the kind of Republicans who are afraid of being called racist or homophobic. There's also a lot of shopping, if you like buying the same stuff you can get at any mall anywhere else. But there are a few cool things to do, here and there, and especially for free. You should probably just go to Cleveland.

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