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The Fishing Trip

by Mutant Man

"Wake up son, its time to go fishing." A huge smile spread across Zak's face as he lay there in bed. A day of fishing with his father was one of his favorite things.

"Get dressed Zak and be quick about it. You know we got to get there early if we want to catch the good ones." Zak sat up and rubbed his eyes.

"Where are we gonna go fishing today dad, can we go to that spot you've told me about?" Silas looked at his son and contemplated if his son was ready yet.

"I think you just might be old enough. So we're going to my spot."

"Hooray!" Zak jumped out of bed and ran to his closet. "I'll be ready in 5 minutes."

"All right hurry it up because your mom is cooking us breakfast."

Silas was already eating when Zak came down the stairs, which was something that Zak's mother didn't approve of.

"Silas you know I like everyone to be at the table before we start eating." Zak's mother was spooning food onto Zak's plate as she talked.

"I know, I know, but I have to get some more things ready. Zak and I are going to my secret spot today." Zak slid into his chair just as his mom finished piling his plate with his breakfast. She looked at Zak with the kind of look that all mothers give to their sons when they might be worried about them.

"Do you think he's ready Silas? Isn't that place a bit dangerous?"

Zak was in the middle of wolfing down his food but he managed to get out, "Mom I'm not a little kid anymore."

Silas got up "I think he's ready dear. Zak get your gear together when your finished eating I'm going to get some more supplies." Zak's mother started sipping her coffee while Zak kept wolfing down his food.

"I guess you've finally grown up, my little Zak."

"Aww mom" Zak moaned.

"Well I hope you catch me one so I can cook it for you tonight when you get back."

"Ill bring you two mom." Zak mouthed through his last bit of breakfast and got up from the table. "Bye mom!"

"Bye Zak. Don't get yourself into any trouble."

"I won't mom."

Silas was already in his seat strapping himself in when Zak walked up. "You sure do eat slow son. Well hop in and we'll get going." Zak strapped himself in.

"My teacher tells us that we have to chew our food thoroughly so that our stomachs can properly digest it."

"Yeah well your teacher doesn't know that you don't catch anything if you get there late so hold on." Silas revved up the engine and they were off.

Zak could only imagine where they were going. He had been fishing with his dad before and the places they went to were always great. But during the ride home Silas would start talking about how great his spot was and how they always seemed to bite there. And now he was finally going there.

"How long before we get there dad? Is it far?"

"Oh its not that far but its not that close either but we'll be there when we'll be there son." Zak sat back in his seat; his thoughts still filled with what was to come and dreams of catching 100. But his breakfast was starting to make him drowsy and he quickly fell asleep. Silas just looked over and smiled then turned his gaze back to the front.

"Hey Zak take a look at this." Zak opened his eyes and was stung by the suns light reflecting off the endless expanse of blue before him. All he could mutter was "Wow."

"Its gorgeous isn't it? It's my secret spot and now son it's yours too."

"Wait till I tell mom about this she won't believe it." Zak was practically jumping out of his seat trying to take in the whole scene all at once.

"I've told her about it but I don't think your mom cares for fishing all that much. But it's her loss right son?" Zak didn't answer he just kept staring out the window. A few minutes went by and finally Silas decided to stop.

"I guess this will be as good a place as any. What do you think Zak?"

"I think it's great, how come no one else knows about this place?" Silas turned off the engine and unstrapped himself.

"Well I think it's a little too far out for most people's liking but I wouldn't mind if it took a whole day to get out here."

"Me too, come on dad I want to catch one," Zak unhooked his strap and got up, "Can I operate the controls this time dad?"

"Sure you can; you've seen me do it so many times you're probably better than me right?" Zak blushed just a little.

"Well I don't think anyone is better than you dad."

Silas interrupted him, "Get on em quick son I think I see some coming now."

Zak turned to look and he saw them. A whole group of them. He counted 2,3,4,5 of them just walking around and they were so close to the ship.

"My dad can really pick the spots," he thought as he took hold of the controls.

"I'm going to bring us in a little closer, are you ready? Sometimes they can be mighty quick."

"I'm ready." And he was. This was the moment he had been dreaming of. The first time he actually got to use the beam. He wasn't going to let his dad down today.


"Hurry up guys or were going to be late for school."

"And what would be so bad about that Mike. Do you really like school that much?"

"I just don't want to get detention," Mike's eyes widened and seemed to focus behind the other four guys into the sky.

One of them said, "What are you looking at?" as he turned around and saw it."Holy shit!" Then they all turned.

"That's a UFO." Mike finally got out. Then their instincts kicked in and they all started running.


"Don't worry son, just get ready with the beam and when you think you can get 'em, go for it." Zak's face screwed up and his grip tightened around the controls. He was ready. Silas was prepared for this because this is what happened every time. So within seconds they were right on top of the kids. Hovering right over their heads. Zak pressed the button and instantly the beam shot out from the bottom of the spaceship covering the whole group in a bright white light. They began to rise off the ground and float towards the spaceship. Silas just looked at his son total pride showing in his eyes.

"5 in one shot that's the best I've ever seen." Zak just looked over to his dad and his mouth stretched into a smile that seemed to cover his entire face.

"I bet next time I catch 10."

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