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The Rage: Carrie 2 (1999)

Review by Justin Felix

Screenplay by Rafael Moreu.
Inspired by the novel Carrie by Stephen King.
Directed by Robert Mandel and Katt Shea.
Starring Emily Bergl, Jason London, and Amy Irving.
Rated R (contains violence, profanity, sexuality, and nudity) 104 mins.

Synopsis: Rachel Lang, half-sister of Carrie White, dresses up as a goth chick and gets real mad when her best friend commits suicide and other teenagers conspire against her. She uses her telekinetic powers to slam doors shut, open school lockers, shatter a glass globe, and kill all her school peers at a party. Meanwhile, Sue Snell, survivor of the original Carrie, breaks Rachel's mother out of an insane asylum, and the two drive around in Sue's car.

Comments: UGGGGHHHHHH! Though this isn't THE worst horror film I've seen in recent years, it certainly is the worst horror film I've seen IN A THEATER in recent years. Even that's saying a lot, considering that I've sat through Bride of Chucky, Urban Legends and I Still Know What You Did Last Summer and dozens of other crappy teen horror flicks in the past year (my brother often kindly sits through these with me). At least with the aforementioned films, the audience could make fun of the cinematic slop projected on the screen. the Rage: Carrie 2, however, isn't even bad-in-a-funny-way; it's just bad. I wished the theater had its lights on so that I could count ceiling tiles. At one point, I was even tempted to cut my losses and suggest to my companions that we leave, something which only occurred one other time in my entire life. (I desperately wanted to leave the theater during Last Man Standing--a Bruce Willis vehicle that is arguably one of the worst films ever made--but, as with Carrie 2, I somehow managed to stay until the closing credits).

Anyone even vaguely aware of the original Carrie knows exactly where this sequel is headed from the very start; therefore, almost everyone will be bored as this turkey unwinds. Carrie was a really good horror movie; Carrie 2 is a really bad rip-off. For some inexplicable reason, the filmmakers decided to include scenes from the original Carrie in its sequel. This was a really bad idea because it reminded the audience of two things: (1) how good Carrie was and (2) how awful Carrie 2 is in comparison.

While the cast is uniformly bad, I do have to admit that Emily Bergl does a relatively creepy job portraying Rachel, "the new Carrie." The other actors pretend to be teenagers or concerned parents poorly. Amy Irving, sole teen survivor of the original Carrie, returns here. At first, one thinks that this is a good idea. It isn't. Irving's character, Sue Snell, is absolutely contrived and ridiculous in the sequel. At the end of Carrie, Sue Snell is recieving psychiatric treatment and screaming at the top of her lungs. Twenty years later, she's a counsellor for the local high school? Come on. Snell also seems to know a lot about telekinesis. Apparently, as Snell explains, some guy with a genetic trait for telekinesis is knocking up schizophrenic women so they'll give birth to emotionally unstable telekinetic teenage girls. Want to know this evil guy's name? It's Ralph. Ralph! What kind of name for an evil character is that? Why did I sit through this movie?

As a final indicator of how bad this film is, Carrie 2's portrayal of teenaged jock life is so ludicrous, pompous, and surreal, it made me yearn for the recent teenaged jock movie Varisity Blues. Carrie 2 actually makes the MTV-crap Varsity Blues seem like Casablanca. I could complain more about Carrie 2, but I feel I've already wasted more of my time to it than it deserves. If you really must see this crap, wait until Joe Bob Briggs hosts it on TNT. At least then, it'll be free.


(Out of five)

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