May 1999
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My Lost Love
My Lost Love: why must it be this way?
What is it that tears us apart like this?  Is it Fate, or simply
that forces us to go on as we do,
narrowly missing the other
blazing stars connected only by the vast blackness
of night.
It wasn’t always this way;
once, our destinations were each other,
and our  paths were one. We were tied together by love,
need, understanding, lonliness
but now I feel unloved, not needed, and avoided
even though I know these things are not true.
Everything is distorted by the absence of you.
 --Your Everything, who is losing her will to wait.

by Laura Pye

Check check one two
Is this thing on?
Sister, ssssister.
Check check 
hey HEY

Dude, gimme more monitor.
Check check
Up up-p-p-p
Turn it up, man.

Check check one two.
Alright, cool.

by Anonymous

Down the Road

Down the road she goes
Walking not so fast
So that everything she sees
Won't soon be in her past

Noticing the clouds in the sky
And the shapes and forms they take
And the way that they travel
Through that great humongous lake

She likes to notice
Everything that she can
Ask her why 
And shell tell you
Something you'll never understand

She likes to think about
About what it would be like
If she could live on a beach
And stare at the stars every night

But she's stuck at a job
That she never really wanted
So she has to
Go on dreaming
Until one day 
Someone finds her
Who knows exactly 
Who she is
And then finally
She'll be happy
With the way
Everything is

by Mutant Man

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