Union Station is a great place to go for lunch, catching a train, shopping or high school class trip spotting. Can your eagle eyes spot the adolescents?

You thought all the Hare Krishnas did was shave their heads and dance and give you flowers and annoy you til ya gave em money? Well, not anymore. Now they're capitalists on the Mall.

wanna buy some flowers?

It looks like a random picture, but it's not. See the camera (circled)? They were following my every terrorist-inspired move during my stay in D.C. But I fooled them by cleverly disguising myself as an Arab.

I can see you.

Okay, I never made it to Union Station. I did see it on a map!

Instead, I went to the Ben Folds Five show at American University. Here are two "rock stars" I met, the lovely and talented Fleming & John

Ummm....I don't have any social commentary, so how about some more rock stars?

Here's me with Darren Jessee of Ben Folds Five.

Jessica is my favorite groupie.

Gee, I didn't notice the cameras...

This guy doesn't seem to have a problem with cameras, however. This is Shane, the Alpha-male who went on the trip with us (7 girls).

He's single, ladies!