May 1999
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The Great Shrub Ultimate Fan Crossword Puzzle

This Month's Topic: Ben Folds Five

So, you think you're the world's greatest Ben Folds Five fan?

Finish our crossword puzzle and proove it!

Rules: Simply complete (correctly) the crossword puzzle on the next page by (a) Printing it out and doing it by hand or (b) Writing the answers on your screen with a Sharpie. Email your answers (across and down) to this month's crossword master, Jessica who will randomly choose a winner from all the correct entries.

Prize: If you corectly complete the puzzle and send your answers to Jessica by May 31, 1999 your name will be entered into a random drawing to win this Fabulous Prize:

A Brick/Fair 7" single signed by all three members of Ben Folds Five!!

Special note: if you find that one of the answers is totally wrong, tough luck. All answers and spelling are subject to the Crossword Master. Live with it.

On to the Crossword Challenge!

Check out Jessica's interview with Ben in this issue!

This puzzle has been sponsored by:

The Strangest Things: Ben Folds Five

If you would like a copy of this crossword puzzle for your website, please email us and we will send you the HTML.

The Great Shrub Ultimate Fan Crossword Puzzle will be a new monthly feature. If you have any topics or if you would like to submit a crossword puzzle, email us and let us know!

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