June 1998
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Shipping Living Will

Those were the days
The days when life was kind
And the moon smiled over me
Those were the ways

Those were the days 
A squirrel scurries away
And the trees giggle merrily
Those were the ways

Those were the days
A fresh baked apple pie
And beautiful buttermilk
Those were the ways

Those were the days
Tripping on cobblestone streets
While the children swing in the branches
Those were the ways

By Anonymous

Checkered Humus

Life is like a river
I'm drowning
Please teach me to swim

Life is like a highway
I'm not going
Please teach me how to drive

Life is like a sky
I'm falling
Please teach me how to fly





By Anonymous

Love Poem

The bird flies
and the fish swims
but what do I do?

The crow caws
and the salmon leaps up waterfalls
but what do I do?


By Anonymous

Boo Tricycle 54

Black and blue and bickering;
Angel-colored rainbows;
Does he love me, am I he?
Stately rabid pain goes.

I am a boat, tossed in an ocean,
The ocean is other people's opinions
And I am the boat.

The ocean makes the boat move forward
Keep in mind I am the boat
And I'm in the ocean!

Splishy, splashy, Clunky sounds,
I kiss the light fantastic
Instructing, seeding, chemistry
Wrap me in some plastic

By Anonymous


I am square
With four holes
Onions surround
Like burrowing moles
Taste my flavor
Like my nature
Deep inside
The cow's hide
Let me out
You evil dinosaur
White Castle
Corporate whore.

By J.P. Beaner


I am a tricky trickster
The audience
No children;
No laughter.
All too critical
My big red nose
Does not fit
My makeup runs...
Who am I?

By J.P. Beaner

Confessions of the Hamburgler

My father beat me
While my mother watched,
I left home when I was 15
I hitched my way across country
Dirty, wretched, I truned to crime
I stole to eat
Not to be famous!
I hate this world
Goodbye, Ronald
You were my only friend.

Rabble, Rabble, -CHOK!-

By Todd McCafferty

Slibbal Slops

Ribbally bibbally boo
Chuk Cha Chak Chum
Sibal McBibally-
That's how they say my name
In Silly Fhilly Land.

By Todd McCafferty

Males Can Have Feelings Too

She was real pretty
like a butterfly named Janet
who flittered on a flower
...named me!
She was as tall as a 5'4" tree
and had a fancy pen like the Pope's hat.
I miss her.
Like the period after Dr in Dr Pepper.

By Todd McCafferty

VCR Love

VCR, with a display so blue
Let me express my love for you.
I love you more than my TV,
And I can tell you care for me.
You never flash when you're unplugged
So I clean your heads with love.
When programmed to tape my favorite shows
You always beep to let me know
"Turn me off before you leave
So I can tape, miraculously."

You may get fuzzy when your heads aren't clean,
But you're one tough little machine.
Remember when the mini-fridge fell on you
When I was moving home from school?
And all the times when I would drag
You home in paper or plastic bags,
Or carry you 'round in that broken clothes basket
Made of flimsy, old blue plastic?
The protection was so very thin
But you still glowed when I plugged you in.

I know that we have had our fights, 
But when i read your manual, e'rything's all right.
Plus, you get along so famously
With mom's VCR and my TV.
Your timer is so easy to set,
And you never eat my videocasettes.
Even though you have no stereo sound,
I miss you when you're not around.

Even though you didn't fit on my TV table
And i had to use tape to hook up the cable,
Out of all the VCRs I've ever known,
You're the best, and the only one I've owned.

By Jessica Brandt

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