June 1999
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The Squirrel Nut Zippers Ultimate Fan Contest

Usually you'd find a nice crossword puzzle to fill out as part of a contest to win a fabulous prize. But we've decided to put our readers to good use and instead of sending us crossword puzzle answers, help out some friends.

Please read all rules and contest description carefully!!

The Contest:

Write an email to the Southern Style Nut Company, who are currently suing the Squirrel Nut Zippers over their name, and ask them to stop the lawsuit. Tell them how much you love the band and what great publicity they are giving to the company by being a band.

Or, if you have already written a letter to the Nut Company, write a letter to the Zippers' record label, Mammoth Records, asking them to support the band through this lawsuit.

The Rules:

Write a letter to Southern Style Nuts or Mammoth Records following the guidelines above.

Your letter has to sound reasonable and NOT condescending. Do not use foul language, threats (other than not supporting the company), or personal attacks. Any letters in this tone will be immediately disqualified from this contest.

Send a copy of the letter via email to theshrub@theshrubbery.com. Do NOT Cc: the letter to us. Instead, forward us a copy of the letter after it's been sent. We do not want the company(s) to think we are staging this campaign (although we are).

If you have already sent a letter to either company, you can send us a copy of the one you wrote. The date doesn't have to be June.

One entry per email address. You can send multiple letters to the companies, but why would you want to? Once is enough.

The contest ends June 30, 1999.

If the lawsuit is DROPPED before June 30, 1999, the contest rules will change. Check back here for updates. All entries during the lawsuit will still quallify.

The Prizes:

One (1) letter will be picked randomly from all quallifying letters. They will not be judged on how much you love the band or how good the letter is (although the rules state some letters may be disqualified for content).

The winner will recieve a copy of a handmade Squirrel Nut Zippers Live CDR*, which includes 17 tracks from various live shows since 1996 featuring three non-album tracks.

The quality of this CD varies, but it is free, so what's your point?

If the lawsuit is dropped before the end of the contest, one (1) Grand Prize winner will recieve a CD, and five (5) runners-up will recieve one package of Nut Zipper candy (provided by Jessica, who will buy a case or two when the suit is dropped.)

All entrants will be added to The Shrubbery monthly submission list**, and can unsubscribe from the list at any time (but it's only a once-a-month mailing so it won't kill you). Also, winners will have to provide their "snail mail" addresses to The Shrubbery so we can send you your prizes.


*This contest and CDR are not affiliated with the Squirrel Nut Zippers or Mammoth. Although the Zippers do allow recording at their shows, no one wants their music unlawfully sold, so all precautions have been made to make sure no one sells it. This contest is intended for "hardcore" fans of the band, not greedy bootleggers who want to make a buck. Feel free, however, to copy it and spread it around.

**The Shrubbery will NEVER give out your email address to any companies or spammers. We will also NEVER give out your "snail mail" address. We have noting to gain from it.

Good luck to all, and the Zippers thank you for your support!

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