July 1998
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The Shrubbery tours Argentina - a pictorial travelogue

by Jason Morrison

Recently, Shrubbery staffer Todd McCafferty and I were able to take a trip to darkest Argentina, a land of wonder and mystery. Although it meant a journey of thousands of miles to an unknown continent, our journalistic moxy and stick-to-it-iveness demanded that we bring back a thorough report on the exotic land and its people.

Here we are, Todd in the middle and myself at far right, with our native guide Martin Brena. Martin was invaluable in keeping us out of danger from the jungles, animals, and even the natives themselves! He was the only one of our little triad who could speak the language, Castellano (ponounced "cah-stay-sha-no") or Espanol ("es-pan-yol").

Look out! Danger on the plane! When the pilot and co-pilot collapsed from deadly and unknown native viruses on the flight down, Martin and I had to take control of the plane. Luckily I've got over 10,000 hours logged between Microsoft Flight Simulator, Wing Commander II and Top Gun for the NES. Todd and Martin didn't know how to fly, but Martin made a great co-pilot and Todd took pictures! Everyone helped out.

A warm welcome. Here we see Todd satnding under one of the signs that the local shopkeepers displayed to try to welcome us to their country in our own language! Visitors are very rare there--we were caleed Yankees (pronounced "shane-keys") and spat upon, according to local custom. Very nice indeed!

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