July 1998
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The Shrubbery tours Argentina - a pictorial travelogue

by Jason Morrison

Keep an eye out, Todd! Todd sustained a severe injury when this native flora attacked him, giving no warning! Luckily, Martin's knowledge of tribal medicines (his parents are Doctores ("do-tor-ez") in the village of Mar Del Plata) was able to save the day. Todd ended up losing the eye, but the poison did not reach his brain.

A sight for sore eyes (sorry Todd!) Though I was unaware of it at the time, in this picture you can clearly see Shrubbery in the lower right, a welcome piece of home in an exotic, mysterious land. The large structures on the left are the cave-like dwellings that the Argentine people construct to live in. One such Apartamento ("ah-par-ta-men-to") may have scores of cave stacked on top of one another!

Martin was indispensible as a guide to local customs and dangers. Here he guides Todd across a dangerous passage, marked by arcane local symbols. Though we couldn't guess the sign's exact meaning, we knew it spelled danger!

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