July 1998
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The Shrubbery tours Argentina - a pictorial travelogue

by Jason Morrison

The American Embassy was kind enough to feed us and provide us a little taste of home for a small fee. Martin was so impressed by our french fries and macnuggets that he renounced all other food on the spot--and now he looks even more American, with lots of zits and greasy hair!

A local mission, or iglesia ("e-glay-see-uh"), in Mar Del Plata. We were lucky enough to catch Jesus and his family in attendance that evening. After dinner and a rousing round of "Silent Night" (Martin hummed along), we were ready for bed--but not in that rat-infested haystack! We went back to Martin's humble teepee and slept in our new mylar sleeping bags.

Ancient ruins left traces of an extinct civilization older than time itself. I'm standing by some of the ancient heiroglyphics which we were quickly able to decipher. The pictogram directly to my right means "place of giving" or "worshipful duties."

As the sun set over the majestic Argentino mountains, we knew that despite all the great fun and lessons learned, we might never return to Mar Del Plata and Martin's simple rustic life. No, Todd and I are part of a modern society, and though we would at times like to return to our primitive roots, our lives are to civilized to stay there long. Good-bye, Argentina, and Adios! ("ah-dee-os").

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