July 1998
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Letters to the Editors

by Jessica Brandt

Sometimes, (rarely) we get really cool e-mail from people who have read and like The Shrubbery. Of course, we keep them all and read them every day, for moral support. Thanks to eveyone who has written in the past 3 months, and hopefully we'll have more to share with you in coming issues.

Hey... i read the whole thing!

And i might even push you guys on a few of my friends... 
just to be cool
like that.

Pushers are cool. You should strap your friends to the chair and MAKE them read.
Hey, sorry this isn't a submission or anything, but, 
i saw it posted on the BFF [newsletter, The Magical] 
Armchair.....so, anyways, i just wanted to say that I 
really liked it.
I'll be back again.
: )  

It's a submission now!
Hi I'm a first timer but I liked your page a lot and 
I'm adding a link to your page soon to my page.

Ding Ding!! Ah, you got the first time caller bell.
Jessica, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed 
the Shrubbery. I printed a copy and sent it to my mom! No, 
seriously. Anyway, keep up the good work.

Hooray for Bellini's mom!! I just hope that she doesn't illegally distribute photographed copies.
Please allow me to write for your magazine.  I have 
several articles to contribute.  Many about my dying 
grandmother.  I mean it.  She's dying and when I think 
about it...I mean let me write, for God's sake.
I don't ask for much.

I am a good writer.  I speak well, sometimes in tongues 
(one for the ladies!), and I even can twist words.  My 
grandmother is dying.  But still, what I like to write 
most are articles that bring laughter.  Laughter to 
children of all shapes, sizes and colors.  Who doesn't
like to laugh?

My grandmother often is unable to breathe.  And this has 
taught me.  I mean, with her not breathing to well, I 
have more time to write.  So please, if ther is an 
Almighty, let me contribute to your magazine.  I promise 
I won't prune, stain it with foreign liquids or piddle on 

God's honest truth.  Let me write.  For Grammy.

Adam Bresson
We did indeed let Adam write for us, in hopes that he would give us some funny yet sordid details about Granny's demise.
Hey Dan- Nice site! (oh, and i kicked your butt!!!!!)

Since when it this Dan's site? We promtly kicked his butt as well.
AND SPICE GIRLS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
F*** U

What the heck are you talking about? I guess this is a subscription.

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