July 1998
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Bus Stop
Self Titled

by Jessica Brandt

Did you see the movie Singles? Or maybe it was the TV show The Heights. Anyway, I think that Bus Stop could certainly write the soundtrack for a hip, twenty-something movie (It's no wonder that their music has been heard in the background of such shows as Melrose Place, Baywatch and Disney's Hollywood Lives).

Bus Stop, who's members include Evan Olson, Britt "Snuzz" Uzzell, Chuck Folds, and Eddie Walker (Yes, Chuck is Ben's brother, and yes, it is "The" Eddie Walker). Bus Stop is great pop music...very radio-friendly, not too hard, and all about being in love and being dumped. With the pop sound's growing popularity as of late (ie Tonic, Matchbox 20, Our Lady Peace, etc.) you'd think this band would be on every single station on the dial. So far, they're not as popular as they would like to be. After 8 or so years of being a band, they're doing wedding receptions and private parties around their hometown. Hopefully (and I hate to say this) with the popularity of Chuck's bro's band (Ben Folds Five, if you live under a rock) people will begin to pay more attention to Chapel Hill NC as the new musical mecca and pick up this band's album.

There is definitely a different style to the two singers-- Evan Olson and Britt Uzzell. Olson sounds little like Chris Cornell of Soundgarden when he rocks it out, as well as when he ballds us. Uzzell, on the other hand, just has a goofy voice. I think it adds a lot to the music, in that it makes the sound much different than when Olson sings, and a sound I prefer.

"Lorraine" is probably my favorite track on the album (An Uzzell-crooned ditty) because it's happy and it's not really like the others, in a sense that it's not just a break-up song. "Satisfied" is the first rocker to pop up on the album (Track 6). This song shows the band's diversity, from love song to rock song. Track 8, "The Apology" is another example of Uzzell's effect on a song. An apology from his mouth makes you feel really sorry for him! Cute and sad, like a puppy dog that just ate your homework.

Following "The Apology" is "Who Needs Tomorrow," with a bt of an "island" feel to it, and a good one to get your feet tapping a bit. They finish it off with another rocker, "Let it Go."

The album is good, for pop. I am in no way a fan of this sort of music, but I have seen my share of horrible local bands and heard enough top 40 radio to tell you that Bus Stop has huge hit potential and can definitely blow away any local band I've seen. Their music is polished, sort of Lemonheads-like, and easy to listen to. You don't find too much repetition or recycled junk on this album. These guys are really talented, as well as hard-working, and if you're into this kind of music, I suggest going to their web page to find out more about them.

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