July 1998
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by Jessica Brandt

Britt "Snuzz" Uzzell has a voice that is kind of hard not to smile at, as well as listen to. His eponymous release Snuzz (Pronounced 'snooze') captures the artist's wit as well as music talent. Although I have never seen this band live, I have heard that they're fun and great to see, and I can believe it.

A stand-out song is track 2, "Shut Up Singin' About the End of the World," where Uzzell puts televangelists in their place "Televangelists on my TV/ Chanel 6 and he's tellin' me/ I need to change somethin' desperately/ I change the channel from 6 to 3/ now that f**ker's off my TV." Yeah man, right on! Snuzz tells it like it is.

"Amplify" reminds me of some old Handle stuff (ack! Really obscure reference. Go here to see what they're all about), Snuzz's white suburban attempt at a little hip-hop. "Where ya Taking Me?" contains a little of Eddie Walker's (drums) and Chuck Folds'(bass) backing vocals, and is a little slow but mesmerizing.

"Blue Light" slows the pace down a little bit. It's about picking up a girl in a K-Mart, but it's so convincing that you'd be led to believe it's a love song. "Creating Something" went by really fast, about 2:15 of rock, and is noted in the liner notes as containing "A tribute to Rush" (Incidentaly, Track 1, "Goodbye," is cited as containing a tribute to Chapel Hill's Archers of Loaf) which is followed by "Eddie" which rocks as well.

Next up is this decade's most catchy song (even catchier than "Semi Charmed Life," yes) "Lemonade," an unpretentious song about...well, lemonade. "A snotty kid you should happen to pass/ Just make sure that you kick his ass/ Lemonade/ Lemonade, is what we're sippin." Snuzz invited Sam Frazier to do some fancy guitar work on this one.

The final track, "The Goodbye," features another guest artist in Ben Folds (on the piano, duh). and is sort of a duet with Snuzz, who plays both drums and guitar as well. It's a little bittersweet "I don't wanna hear none of that/ it's all bullshit/ save it for your mom or someone else," the classic breakup song with a twist of Snuzz.

Way at the end of the CD there's a bonus song, "Message for Karen" which is just that-- A message to Karen, left on her answering machine. "This is a message for Karen, to convince you of all the love I'd be sharin' with you" It's short and sweet, and you can't help but root for Snuzz as he professes his love to his friend!

This is a great album, and I thank Chuck Folds highly for sending it to me (as well as the Bus Stop CD). This one may be a little harder to find, but if you Sen e-mail to Chuck he'd be more than happy to find a copy for you. If youre a fan of the Chapel Hill NC sound and don't want to miss out on the amazing music coming from there, be sure to inquire!

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