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July 1999
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The Shrub Contest:
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Recently, some members of the Shrub staff have become quite interested in the recent bill proposed to the Senate that would make it a federal offence to desecrate the US flag in any way.

Our view on this is that the flag is merely a SYMBOL of our nation, and it is our right as free citizens to burn it, sleep in it, draw on it, or sew it into a cute little halter top. Doing so, we feel, does not say to the government that we HATE our country. Even if we do hate it, isn't it our right to hate it?

No one here at The Shrubbery actually feels the need to desecrate the flag. Angry Dan points out in his recent column, "I'm not likely to burn a flag. Nor are about 95% of the people I know. But I do like the security of knowing that option is there for me should I ever get a wild hare. Quite frankly, I find the opposite situation a bit frightening; I always find it frightening when a form of expression is outlawed, either in this country or elsewhere."

Dan did his part as a concerned citizen and voter, and wrote a letter to Ohio Senator George Voinovich voicing his opinion and asking Mr. Voinovich why he chose to vote for an amendment that is basically taking away some of our Constitutional rights.

The Shrubbery would like to see more of this action taken. That is why we're making July's contest -- "Independence Month" -- a letter-writing campaign.

The Rules:

1. Write a letter to one of your state's senators and voice your opinion on the flag-desecration issue. If you do not know who your state's senators are, or how to contact them, you can find out by going to and doing a search.
2. Forward a copy of your well-thought-out, non-abusive letter to Most senators don't have an email address right on their page, but a form. Cut-and-paste your letter into an email for The Shrubbery.
3. You do not have to agree with Angry Dan or the rest of The Shrub staff. You can be for the amendment as well. Whichever the case, contact your senator and tell him or her how you feel about the subject!
4. Only one (1) entry per person.

The Prize:

One (1) winner will be selected from all entries to recieve one (1) compact disc from up to a value of $20 (including shipping). The CD may be any of the user's choice.

Other Stuff:

1. Inappropriate letters will be disqualified.
2. The winner may browse through the CDnow site to choose his/her CD, but it will be ordered by one of the Shrubbery staff and sent directly to the winner.
3. The winner will have to supply his or her home or work address to The Shrubbery, but it will nor be published or given to any other source.
3. Upon entering the contest, your email address will be placed on our subscription list, where you will recieve one email a month announcing the arrival of the latest issue, as well as upadtes from time to time. You are always eligible to unsubscribe from this list. Your email address will never be given to anyone by The Shrubbery.

Read Angry Dan's first column on flag-burning.

Read Angry Dan's letter to Senator Voinovich in this issue.


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