August 1998
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Letters to Dan


It's not something you approve of?  So when dad takes off, off the
kids?  If you are saying 'All families should be happy and
marriage should be forever' fine, but that's not reality.  In my
profession, I deal with lots of kids, messed up and not.  The
relationship between single parent and two-parent is not consistent.
Two parents fighting, or a parent who is more interested in drugs than
the children--now there's something I don't approve of.  One good 
parent beats two bad ones, imho.



I accept the reality of single parent homes, but I also accept the reality that kids deserve the bulk of our attention, which was the main message of my column. If a single-parent home can provide attention for the kids and food on the table, then fine; but generally that isn't so. The single parent must work, that is unless they're independently wealthy. That means the kids are most likely shipped off to the day care like so much cattle. That is where I believe single-parent families and families with both parents working tend to fail. If the individual family can give the kids attention and full bellies, then they're fine, no matter what living situation they've decided upon. My statement on disapproval just comes from seeing one too many single-parent households fail.

Thank You,
Daniel Strohl

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