August 1998
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Hello all you fans of The Shrubbery. Come on, you know that only the hardcore fans read this kind of stuff. If regular passers-by read this, would we say stuff like "The Onion Sucks!" and "Your mother was a hampster!"?

Anyway, this is our fifth issue, and our very first letter to y'all. It's been a little hectic these last few months here at The Shrubbery. Jessica began to work more hours, and Jason actually got a job- one of those 9-5 office type jobs. Jessica works at night, while Jay works in the morning, so we hardly talk, unless we're both online at the same time. Jason picked an excellent time to decide that we should reformat our pages (see? no frames!!) and submit ourselves (huh huh) to a bunch of search engines. Lots of tough work during time we don't really have, but apparently it paid off.

In June we got our 1000th hit, and now at the end of July, we have over 4300. Go figure! Thanks to everyone who has come by regurlarly, as well as those of you who are new to these parts.

In addition to our new format, we have also made the executive decision to get rid of our ads. It's not that we're opposed to ads, but they weren't making us any money (we're greedy bastards), and they made things slow and ugly. Right now we're looking for some other options, like and CDnow for a little cash. For those of you who don't know, it costs us $17.95 a month to keep our domian name, as well as a little extra dough to make flyers, business cards, press kits, etc.

Coming up in September is going to be our Worldwide Flyer Blitz. We'll be advertising everywhere we have "affiliates." If you're interested in helping us promote The Shrubbery and all it has to offer, drop us a line.

Also, we are in need of links back! If any of you have homepages and you like The Shrub, show us by linking to The Shrub on your page somewhere.

One other thing, is the addition of scanners to the Shrubbery publishing company (i.e. Jason and Jessica shelled out some cash to buy new toys). Now, there will be more pictures and cool grafix to accompany the already exciting articles and columns.

Hope you enjoy the August issue. Keep those nice letters and nasty pictures of your naked asses coming! Don't forget to tell your friends.

Jessica Brandt
Jessica Brandt

Jason Morrison
Jason Morrison

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