September 1998
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Newsflash: Half of Shrubbery Executive Team Missing!

Hello everyone. Hope you had a good summer and are all rearin' to go for school (or work, if you're 'that way'). Did you remember No. TWO pencils? You can't take a scan-tron test without those! Without No. TWO pencils, you will most likely fail out of school and probably become something more lowly than a 'zine editor. An E-ZINE editor, even (What that would be, I can't think of right now.)

But I digress. This page has a point (no, really it's the shape of your screen, but...). *I* have a point....a point to make.

Actually, more of an apology.

You see, while moving for college, in the hubub of things, I sort of misplaced Jason. Misplaced, packed, whatever. Point is, he's missing. Neither I nor any of our "friends" can find him. I know I brought him, because I wrote on my forehead the night before we left "Bring extra toothbrush, deodorant, Jason." Someone was bound to have seen it.

So we all got to school and there was no Jason. He's HERE, he's on the campus, he's around, but I can't locate him. I still have to dig myself out from this pile of LPs, snackfoods, and bowling trophies (essential dorm decorations).

As you may or may not be aware, I cannot produce The Shrubbery without Jason. Basically, he is The Man, and he tells me what to do and I do it. That's how we do things around here. I suppose I could go about doing The Shrubbery *my* way, but then it would just end up being a low-budget attempt at a Mr. Rogers Fanzine.

So once again, here's the POINT: Until Jason shows up, which will probably be a week from now (His roommate is a medal-winning orienteer-er) there will be no new September Shrubbery (awww.....). In fact, I have such faith Jason finding his way home, that I am willing to PROMISE a new issue by September 8.

Until then, you'll have to amuse yourself by drawing animals on the bathroom mirror using soap.

Ta-ta, and see you on the 8th!

Editor by day, private eye by night.

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