August 1998
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An Explaination:

Nude School Girls is a photodrama, a bunch of pictures with captions. It tells a story, and a rather interesting one I hope.

For those of you who are about to turn away because of the title, please don't. The title is a mystery. Why I have named it thus will become slowly clear, but there shouldn't be much to offend you as long as you are a little open minded.

Now For The Technical Stuff

1.This was optimized for a 800x600 display. It still works in higher resolution. Please e-mail and/or the shrubbery if it doesn't.

2.The pictures have been as optimized for as fast a loading time as possible. Every page should be under 50k. The only exception is the title screen. I ask you to be patient and load the whole title screen. It will still be rather fast. If your browser is smart, it should help in the loading of the rest of the pages.

3.If you think the whole process takes too long, email us and we may just put the whole thing up zipped, so you can quickly download it and look at it off line.

Thanks for this whole effort needs to go out to:
The actors, who had to go through a lot of discomfort, my dad, who didn't complain when we where knockin around at 2 AM, and Sister Soleil, whose new album sped up the whole process of putting the html together.

--Ryan R. Glowczewski, 7.29.98

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