September 1998
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Letters to Dan

	i agree with your column about the straightedge movement.  some of the
straightedgers take their philosophy too far and try to force it upon
others.  beating people up for drinking and smoking is out of line.  these
straightedgers put themselves on the same level as right to lifers blowing
up abortion clinics.  so, for that, thumbs up.  good job.  however, your
statements about a vegetarian lifestyle being unhealthy is an uneducated
one.  i won't belabor this point because i'm sure you will be hearing it
from one of your cowriters, but a well balanced vegan diet is the
healthiest diet.  unfortunately this fact is not widely known.  lobbyists
from the meat and dairy industry have made sure of this.    and very few
doctors take adequate courses in nutrition.  so, i encourage you to take a
few minutes of your time and read up on the vegan lifestyle.  it could
change your life, as it has mine.  thank you for your time and attention.
keep up the good work at the shrubbery.  

Dennis Hartwick

	I understand why you said most of what you did, but in order to
have the most intelligient argument you can't be ignorant in your
writings.  Places like Salt Lake give a lot of straightedger's a bad
wrap.  You say they (straightedger's) shouldn't tell or force people 
into doing what "they" think is right.  Well it's pretty ignorant of you to
categorize all straightedger's in this label.  Most straightedger's I
know aren't like that, myself, my best friends' Ryan Glowczewski (part 
of the shrubbery team) and Chad Meadows (my roommate) included.  Then you 
say that straightedger's don't know what it's like, that they only have 
that one view.  Well I'll tell you you couldn't be more wrong kid.  A lot, 
not just some, in fact most of the oldest and forefathers of the movement
chose a different path in life and did many drugs in their time and
decided that they didn't want to be like that anymore.  They became
straightedge to get away from the drugs and clean up their life, like
religion to some people.  After some felt they were strong enough to 
life life without the straightedge label, they dropped it.  
	Another thing, you stated that straightedger's are against eating 
meat and whatnot.  Another generalization.  My roommate Chad, straightedge 
meateater, could give a f**k or whatever about animals.  Just because 
someone is straightedge doesn't automatically mean they are against eating 
meat.  Sure many straightedgers are vegetarian or vegan (not 
consuming/utilizing any product with ties to animal abuse or death), but 
then again many vegetarians/vegans are not straightedge or even close.  
Though anyway you look at it wearing fur is wrong. 
	In conclusion Angry Dan, I feel your
article lacks the maturity you sought to seek out in expressing your
opinion and you should really think about all the things you try to
convey to others so to sound more intelligient.  Or ye be labeled

J. Likavec

Shrubbery fan

J. Likavec--

Thank you for responding to my column. You are right about the generalization fact; I only did it to provide a concise argument, but I think you missed my main point.

Many Straight Edgers might have previously used drugs and practiced what they now preach against. I understand that fact. But even though they found that it would be better for them to live a clean life, the ones who try to persuade others to follow the same path have no idea whether or not it would be better for someone else to live a clean life. These Straight Edgers have only experienced their own thoughts and feelings unless they have somehow gained the power of telepathy. To judge whether or not a decision is right for someone else is impossible, and that, my dear, is what I was arguing about.

But if, as you say, not all Straight Edgers, including yourself, are like that, then why are you arguing this point?

Daniel Strohl

Im not here to kick Dan's butt, Im agreeing with that allowed?
Anyway, I share similiar opinions in that I don't care what people do,
as long as it doesn't affect me. But when they start imposing their
ideas on everyone else, it's just wrong. These "Straight Edgers" also
reminded me of the "Blue Ribbons" in the movie Disturbing
Behavior...very interesting.


Ah, a fine use of fiction of a source if i ever saw one. Thanks for the comments.

Daniel Strohl

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