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Want to earn prestige?

Want to help out The Shrub?

Have some extra time?

Don't mind not getting paid?

Then step right up and become part of The Shrubbery's First Annual Flyer Blitz!

We've seen our hits grow by leaps and bounds these few months, but we still would like some extra exposure. Since we're fairly poor, we can't afford ads or anything nifty like that. But being true believers in cross-media promotion, we think a smattering of flyers in campuses and hang-outs accross the world just might do the trick.

What you can do:

If you want to make and put up flyers (any number you want, wherever you want, so long as it's legal) and give us a great deal of help, e-mail us:

Your name and e-mail address;

Your snail-mail address;

Where you're going to put these up.

Once we get that info, we will send you a few sample flyers to copy and post. You can put up as many as you want, but please don't alter them. We can't give you any money for the copies, but even a few bucks worth can add up.

Why should you do it?

Well, for one thing, we asked nicely. And for another, if you're a contributor this will help you out too, the more hits we get the more people see your work. If you like The Shrub, this is a great way to show it, and we will put out a list of names of participants in next month's issue.

With our strikingly international list of contributors, we have a chance to really cause a stir with all these posters all around. Who knows, maybe we'll even get on... THE NEWS! CNN, here we come!

Keep in mind, we're not asking for blood! Only the evil, macabre Red Cross does that. We just want your time, effort and money.

Jessica Brandt
Jessica Brandt

Jason Morrison
Jason Morrison

Here's one sample flyer. There will be others.

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