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September 1999
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Quiz: Are you Tony Blair?[new!]
He's Here, He's Queer, and He Sleeps in my Bed[new!]
The Shrubbery Means Quality--Guaranteed![new!]
How to Charm the Pants Off Anyone
Why I Probably Shouldn't Be Given Superman's Powers
Welcome to College (FAQ)
The University of The Shrubbery University -- Save money on schoolbooks!
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The Robot From The Future[new!]
Adventures In Maturity
Angry Dan's Column -- Hollywood as the New Mt. Olympus
Canadian Content -- Part XIV -- The Top Ten Greatest Moments in Canadian Television
Horizontal Hold -- Channel 1: Why Oprah Doesn't Have a Movie Club
Dudley Do-Right
The Sixth Sense
The 13th Warrior[new!]
Court-nay: The Musical
Bis -- Social Dancing
Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire -- Oh! The Grandeur!

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