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September 1999
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The Shrubbery Means Quality--Guaranteed!

A letter from The Editors

Here at The Shrubbery, we're all about quality!

True, some web sites update every week, and some every day. Heck, there are sites nowadays trying to sell you on fancy "streaming" technologies- but not us.

You see, we at The Shrub know that quantity is not the same thing as quality- quantity has an n and a t where the l should be. That sort of attention to detail can only mean the highest in quality.

Would other magazines give you so much laughing as this one? I think not.

I have received laughing from many other sites myself, but none were as good as this one. We ship laughter world-wide, through the world-wide-web, which is an information infobahn which breaks down barriers of nation and race because you can pick any name you want in a chat room and pretend you're a lesbian.

We wouldn't pretend to be lesbians. That's been done. Been there, done that. Hel-lo! Nerdy kids and pervert men have been doing that for, like, 6 years now. That's not funny. Funny nowadays means cutting edge, in-your-face, like Howard Stern, only he's old news anymore so you have to find a better example than that. Don't even mention the Jerky Boys to me. They're so old. By the time their movie came out, nobody liked them anymore.

That's not something you have to worry about with The Shrubbery, because we are on the Internet and that means we are cyber-cutting edge. Few companies have taken advantage of the net, and as far as we know, we're still the only place to find humor on the web. Unless you like blonde jokes and redneck jokes, which are all over the place. People are stupid.

Here's may favorite redneck joke:

If you're a little boy, and your parents just got divorced, you're probably a redneck! And it was probably because you were a bad son.

Here's my favorite blonde joke:

Q: How do you get a blonde to pay attention to you?
A: Shoot the President!

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