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Eve 6 Horrorscope

Review by Ed Parker

Eve 6, along with Blink 182 and Lit, started the current trend of dynamic punk-pop bands. Even though Eve 6's debut album was not great, I did enjoy singer-songwriter Max Collins' inventive wordplay and there were also a few catchy songs. At least they were better than Blink 182 and especially Lit.

This, their second album, I did not enjoy quite as much. The lyrical style is mostly still there. A good sample lyric: "Your heinous highness broke her hymen/hey man try to quit your crying/ I know she broke your heart/but try to come/try to come down" from "On The Roof Again."

The songs are definitely slicker sounding and more 'produced.' My least favorite song is "Here's To The Night", a sappy 'graduation' song in the same formula as all the others: overly-sentimental lyrics and a back-up string section. The last few songs on the album are the best including "Bang" featuring their quintessential type chorus "Big bang little girl run away with me/ And be my Thelma and Louise/ Brush that sand off your ask/ Your questions later love me long time" and "Girl Eyes" (as in "Girl eyes tend to hypnotize"). Still none of the tunes are as catchy as "Inside Out" and "Showerhead" from the last album; in fact with this slicker sound and mediocre songs they sound a lot like Lit.



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