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Sunny Day Real Estate The Rising Tide

Review by Ed Parker

I am a recent convert to Sunny Day Real Estate. I picked up their debut album, Diary, on a whim towards the beginning of the year. I chose that album because of its reputation as one of the great alternative albums of the decade and it certainly lives up to those expectations and more.

Their follow-up albums have not been quite as successful in my opinion with each of the other two albums, while still utilizing the band's signature style, offered only a handful of good songs. Sunny Day Real Estate's style for the first five years of existence seems to have consisted of Jeremy Enigk's peculiar, fragile falsetto, quiet verses, loud choruses and unique guitars.

For The Rising Tide, the band seems to have changed the formula a bit. The songs are huge and sprawling and produced almost totally opposite of the songs on Diary. Enigk's voice is not thin-sounding as it was on Diary, but instead soars above the loud guitars. Most of the songs still work well but sometimes seem a little overblown. Even the ballads on the album like "Rain Song" are huge compared to the sparseness of Diary.

Still, comparing The Rising Tide to Diary is like comparing most MOR "alternative" bands to Sunny Day Real Estate: there's really no comparison.

[ 80%]

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