October 1998
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The image of Christ has appeared to many people in many mysterious ways over the centuries; some have seen him in a faith-restoring vision, others when near death; some claim to have walked down a beach with the Lord and others speak to him every day. What a surprise it was, then, when Jesus showed up in my dorm room last week, in the flesh!

The Day Jesus Visited My Dorm

by Jason Morrison
Behold, the glory of the son of God on earth

Welch Hall is a long way from heaven, but Jesus seemed no worse for the wear. In fact, he seemed generally excited to be back. "I haven't been to earth in nearly 2000 years," he said. "But why here, Jesus, why now?" I asked. But he just winked, wiggled his nose, and healed the sick.

Behold, the glory of the son of God on earth

So how do you entertain the son of God? Since the ping-pong table was occupied, there was only one answer: foosball! I took out Jesus 3 games to 2. Impressed? Well, it wasn't really a fair game; the handles kept getting stuck through Jesus's hands. Still, we had a good time. "For as the Father hath given life in himself; so hath he given to the Son to have life in himself" (St. John 5:26)

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