December 1998
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Retraction: John Glenn Is Not Dead

by Victoria L. Morrison
(Jason's Mom)


I was not amused by your John Glenn obituary last month. I realize that it was a joke and although I consider myself one of your biggest fans I did not think it was funny. Now, I admit that I have been the author of many a tasteless joke or pun, after all my generation was weaned on dead baby jokes (don't ask), and I have been know to snicker at the worst of them. Somehow I had hoped that you had learned to share this warped sense of humor with only your family or close circle of equally challenged friends and not blurt these gems out loud thereby removing all doubt that we are wierd. Besides, I am afraid some of your readers may actually believe your article. So please let your readers know that Astronaut Glenn is alive and well.

Thank you. Take Care,

Love MOM

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